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Centrifugal Casting of Cast Roll
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Centrifugal Casting of Cast Roll

Centrifugal casting allows us to produce rolls made from two different materials – one of which forms the surface part of the barrel that is wearable and heat resistant while the other makes up the core with good mechanical resistance.

I. Horizontal Centrifugal Cast
Mould of horizontal centrifugal casting is placed horizontally.

1.The thickness of the layer at the upper end and lower end is almost homogeneous.
2.Porosity defect is easily to form in the final solidification zone of the outer layer. More outer layer needs to be melted during the core filling. Cost will be increased as well as core feature be affected.
3.Iron liquid is spreading at a slow rate in the mould cavity.

II. Vertical Centrifugal Cast
Mould of vertical centrifugal casting is placed vertically.

1.The crystal structure is compact.
2.During casting, the inside surface of the mould cavity is not easily subject to oxidization. It is beneficial for the sound metallurgical combination of outer layer and core, suitable for the production of high alloy compound rolls.
3.The thickness of outer layer at the upper end and lower end of the barrel is different.
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