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Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rings
    Publish time 2018-09-21 17:12    

The sleeve is a white iron alloyed primarily with Cr and Mo. The microstructure consists of a discontinuous network of hard eutectic iron and chrome carbides embeded in a termpered mixed matrix. The uniform hardness across the section allows minimal wear on web and flanges giving;improved product finish better dimensional control and longer campaigns.

Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rings

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We need the following information to prepare quotation.
1.  Roll drawing with machining details.
2.  Hardness and weight of roll required.
3.  Present roll's material and problem (if any).
4.  Maximum and Minimum barrel diameter or chill depth.
5.  Grade and model of rolling mill.
6.  Stand number,type and capacity.
7.  Pass schedule.
8.  Working pressure and temperature.
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