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Mill Roll Chocks, Bearing Block, Rolling mill pedestal
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Our company has sufficient capacity and good performance in manufacturing chocks for different sizes of WR, IR and BUR for hot or cold rolling mills,and all necessary means, devices and instruments to perform non-destructive tests on their castings and forgings, and kinds of specialized high-precision CNC machining.

Mill Roll Chocks, Bearing Block, Rolling mill pedestal
The bearing pedestal / bearing housing is an important component of the ball mill, coal mill, rotary kiln and rolling mill.  Its quality directly impact on the production efficiency and equipment safe operation. We can manufacture bearing pedestal according to customers' drawings and demands.

Processing advantages
1. high-quality steel, long service life.
SMR bearing pedestal uses high-quality SCW480 steel, with high hardness, strong wear resistance, high load-bearing, long continuous work, good stability, and long service life.

2. low operating temperature, energy saving effect
SMR bearing pedestal takes use of thin oil lubricant to minimize the friction coefficient of bearings. So the energy-saving effect is good, the working temperature is much lower than the dry oil and extend the bearing service life.

3. Set the oil level observation scale, reduce maintenance costs
SMR bearing pedestal sets the oil level observation scale, which make the staff be able to observe the oil level situation, timely replenish oil, to prevent accident damage caused by lack of oil lubrication.

4. reasonable structure, environmental protection
Through removing one outer sleeve of the bearing, the bearing pedestal can prevent dust into the bearing box to maintain good oil lubrication, so as to ensure bearing life and energy saving.

Bearing block process
Wood Mold - Molding - Casting - Out of Pit, Clear Sand - Heat Treatment, Finishing - Roughing, Finish Machining - Packaging, Shipping
Bearings pedestal require a higher strength and wear resistance, and requires a certain shock absorption performance, because the bearing pedestal in the entire ball mill operation is the main support pieces. Therefore, in the casting of the bearing seat, from the choice of materials to heat treatment, each step is a complex and very strict manufacturing processes.

SMR Service
1. Cost-effective
SMR has the advanced casting equipment, strictly follows the national lever-2 detection standards, and executes 360° all-round nondestructive testing system, to ensure the reliable quality and long service life of steel castings. SMR is hailed as "high cost-effective steel castings manufacturer".

2. Fast delivery
SMR has strong technical teams, detailed production scheduling, wide range of raw materials purchase channels, and perfect logistics delivery system, making efforts to achieve as fast delivery period as required.

3. “Three-heart” service
The 24h fast response and the customer services in all 365 days rest your heart when you make choice, ease your heart when you use the products, satisfy your heart when you enjoy the services.

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